A Little About Me

I am a home school graduate and current resident in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Colorado. I started taking lessons and playing piano just before entering my teens. Around 2002, with only one year of piano and music education and on an old Yamaha keyboard, I did a bunch of “messing around” on my own and started to write my first tunes. Over the next few years I continued to develop my composition and musical skills and eventually put together my first collection of completed works as a self-published CD titled The Music of JONATHAN WILLIAMS - Volume 1. Included on the CD were many genres including waltz, ragtime, march, classical, thematic, and more contemporary and mood derived pieces. This was in early 2005 after our family had purchased a newer Roland keyboard with much better and many more instrument sounds.

Over the next five years I continued to play piano, mostly self-taught. I also composed more pieces as my skills and techniques were further defined. I had always had a good ear for music, and I learned to play Maple Leaf Rag by Scott Joplin in addition to Mozart’s Turkish March just from listening to the recordings. In these five years I came up with another fifteen pieces of music which I put together in 2010 for my second volume of completed works on CD. Styles included this time were Hebraic dance, worship, more ragtime, and many instrumental scores arranged for multiple instruments including a “revisited” version of Pachelbel’s Canon in D. Also included is a piece I had written for the Estes Park Handbell Ensemble which I was a part of for two seasons. We also performed an adapted version of my The Battle Prelude March, which I directed.

In the past three years I have written many of my better quality pieces and arrangements using both the keyboard and, more recently, new computer software with sampled instrument recordings for a more polished production sound. With the gifting the Father has given me I have currently written around 50 completed songs and tunes (instrumental) with a hundred or more short or unfinished works. I have written pieces that fall into more than fifteen various genres and have more that I plan to try my hand at. Many of these tunes are available to sample on the music page here on my website.

Currently I am working with a studio setup of a midi keyboard, multiple computers and various hardware. Coupled along with multiple computer software programs and sound libraries it has made it much easier to produce my music quickly and efficiently. As I earn funds to do so I am expanding to include more and better sounds, hardware, and products for higher quality finished compositions.

Recently I have taken interest in composing music for film and in late 2012 I finished composing the score for a short film The Mailman's First Day. My dream has always been to compose a feature length movie score, which I hope may someday be realized. While film composition is not the sole direction I would desire to use my gifting for the Father's glory; I am open to any type of work that will help me learn more and improve my current skills, all while helping others get the needed original music for their projects. Be it a large or small need I would love to hear from you and help you on your next project.

Jonathan Williams

Jonathan Williams, Composer and Music Artist.

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