New Music!

August 28th, 2012

Last week I got to mess around a bit more with my new Logic Studio software....and in a little over 8 hours on Thursday I cranked up a new electronic tune! There are some great synths and effects in the library which helped make this tune come along so fast.

The intro brings a big spacey feeling along with a melody that is somewhat emotional yet thrilling. Sort of like the felling at the end of a good movie or book. Later on we've got some good beats going that make you want to move and dance! That's where the "Emotionation" name comes in and two fold. Both due to the emotional aspect and also as in "e(lectro)motion," making you want to move to an electronic beat. But rather than read about it why not take a listen to the preview version on the Music page and see what you think of it?

If you like it and want the full version for your music library you can purchase the MP3 and help support me as I work towards a full album of these electronic tunes! Once you listen feel free to come back here and post your thoughts of the piece.

Jonathan Williams