New Video, Soundtrack and Music Samples!

September 5th, 2012

Great news to share! I just recently finished up the music for a short film project called The Mailman's First Day. It was a lot of fun to compose the music score for this film, but the even better part is you can watch the full film for free here! In addition, if you like the music you can purchase the soundtrack to the film on my music page.

Also in the last few days I managed to get more work done on the site including updating the music page and adding more audio samples for you to listen to and enjoy. The new samples include some thematic works as well as a sample of my some of my recent, but several month old electronic tunes. These include an electronic remix of my original The Battle Prelude March and two other tunes, A Theme of Mystery and Electrification. Check out the new content and if you find something you like why not buy the full length MP3 so you can enjoy it anywhere and anytime!

Some new projects are in the mix so I'm hoping to have new music (and maybe another video) to share soon....

Jonathan Williams