What's in the "Mix"

February 25, 2013

Well, time has flow by the last few weeks as it has now been nearly a month since my last post. Of late I've been working on a few new songs with vocals. Trying to get a good mix and arrangement for them has been a bit tough at times. I've not done a lot when it comes to recording or mixing vocals into my projects, so this is mostly new territory, but still quite fun as I improve and expand my skills in this area.

In addition I am getting started on some music work for a short section to a documentary film for HaYovel, a ministry to the farmers of Israel. It will be my first documentary to score some music for. So again, more learning and improving my skills as I get to branch out and practice some new stuff.

Other than my new music creations I've been keeping busy with the usual. Business sales are still doing well, I've been working on playing some old ragtime pieces I'd learned years ago, but had let get rusty, and of course we've been having fun with the winter snow by taking a few days off to hit the slopes and ski the day away! Lots of fun and work to keep my busy, so no wonder I forgot to post again sooner....

Well, I think that is all for now. Hope to have more to share in a few weeks. Oh, and if you have not done so you can still get a free MP3 download by reading my last post and claiming the special offer before it ends on February 28th.

Jonathan Williams