Time for a "Kickstarter"

November 13th, 2013

It's been a good long while since I posted as summer has been very, very busy! As many know I am now enjoying married life and also getting settled in for the winter. To think, skiing is just around the corner!!!

Well, in the musical realm I've decided to run a Kickstarter project to help publicize and fund the "Electrification" album production. You can view and help support the project here. Through this I hope to earn the funds needed to cover expenses for mastering the audio and producing the final retail-ready CD's. Along the way there will be fun rewards for backers from as little as $2 for a single track up to $100 for a signed copy of the CD plus a bonus backer-only track that is not included in the regular album! So head on over to see what all is going on and to join in the fun!

Being that Thanksgiving is just a few weeks out there's lots to be thankful for, from snow (yes, for skiing), cooler weather (I mean who likes 100+ degrees?), football, family and more. So enjoy the season while it lasts. Happy Thanksgiving!