Mid-Summer Update

June 27th, 2014

So sorry for the delay in posting here on the blog. Many of you are wondering what is up so let me give you a quick overview of the last several months.

Since the release of "Electrification" things have slowed down a bit. Nothing like some peaceful weeks after lots of crazy days and weeks meeting the deadline for production. Of late the focus has been on revamping the studio, upgrading hardware, software, etc. The studio keyboard is now the focal point of the remaining upgrades with the current one on the way out, though a few extras in the department of an iPad and other control devices have been nice additions already. Should have a new Yamaha P-85 in soon to at least keep things more workable, but hopes are to upgrade to something top end here really soon! That would be exciting for sure. The Yamaha CVP-605 is on the radar, but the price tag is a little dissuading to say the least.

Aside from studio upgrades, I have some new music in the mix. Nothing too serious as an album would go, but new tunes are flowing! I am sure you all want to hear something, but at the moment you will just have to wait until we have things in a bit better order around here. We've had a few issues with files being corrupted between use, so we have to look into that to ensure things do not get out of hand.

Other that the music side of things I have been enjoy time with family & friends, gardening, softball, and other various activities that no summer is complete without. Gotta enjoy life too. ;)

Well, I think that is all for now. Will try and stay in touch a little more here on the Blog, but with summer as busy as it has been I can't promise anything too often.

Enjoy the heat and sunshine!