Videos & Film Projects

Below are some clips from films Jonathan Williams has composed the soundtrack for. You can purchase any of the soundtracks or individual tracks from them on the music page.

The Mailman's First Day

Jonathan's Comments

"This film was a fun family project we did in early 2012 after visiting the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival for the first time. It was a very quick single day production from the initial idea to make the film through the final edited cut.

As for the music, I composed the entire soundtrack for the film a few months later for fun, to add that extra edge to the overall watching experience, for some extra composing practice, as well as for demonstration of my skills as a film composer. The titles and credits portion of the video will probably seem a bit long and repetitive for such a short film, but this was needed to enable having the appropriate aspects of any film I would be writing music for. What video would be complete without tiles and credits and the accompanying music?"